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Maintenance Agreement

Residential Plumbing Maintenance Plan

No matter how old or new your plumbing system is, problems can occur. Instead of waiting until the inevitable happens, prevent costly repairs and replacements with regular inspections and maintenance from Cove Creek Plumbing LLC

You’ll be glad to know we can tailor a maintenance package to suit your home and your budget, along with offering:

  • 10% discount on all services
  • Free bi-annual inspections
  • Priority scheduling
  • Waived service charges and emergency/holiday additional fees
  • Free water heater flushes
  • Andrew showed up on time as promised. He went above and beyond to make sure that our issue was resolved and that we were satisfied. We were given an honest quote after he evaluated what exactly needed to be done. I work in the cabin industry and I’ve run across many plumbers over the years. I’ll never call anyone else but these guys. They were fantastic!

    Brandy K.

During your policyholder maintenance visits, we will:

  • Inspect household water pressure
  • Inspect placement of valve guides and shut-offs
  • Clear debris from all tub and shower drains
  • Visual inspection of all exposed plumbing Inspect drain flow
  • Inspect water heater operation Inspect sump pump operation
  • Inspect fixtures and drains for leaks
  • Inspect exposed hot and cold water supply lines
  • Inspect faucets for leaks. Inspect washing machine connections
  • Locate and inspect cleanouts
  • Pour water down floor drains
  • Inspect the main burner and pilot
  • Clean the main burner and pilot
  • Inspect flue pipe
  • Inspect for proper vent draft
  • Inspect for water leaks
  • Inspect emergency shut-off valve operation
  • Inspect water temperature
  • Inspect pressure and safety relief valves
  • Inspect element operation
  • Inspect thermostat operation
  • Inspect the condition of the wiring. Inspect for water leaks
  • Inspect the operation of emergency shut-off valves
  • Inspect temperature Inspect pressure and safety relief valves
  • Inspect drain valve operation
  • Locate and tag all emergency water shut-off valves. Inspect operation of toilets (includes dye testing)

Our technicians will drain all the water from gas and electric water heaters and flush out all sediment and debris build-up. Water Heaters must be flushed out every six months to prevent sediment build-up; this expands the life of the policyholder’s water heater. 

How You Benefit from Signing Up for Cove Creek Plumbing LLC's Maintenance Agreement

  • Saves You Time. Because our maintenance agreement includes priority scheduling, you’ll be able to quickly have a technician at the policyholder’s doorstep whenever you have a leak, a clog, or any other problem with the plumbing system.
  • Saves You Money. There are a couple of ways that the maintenance agreement will save you money. As we listed above, you’ll receive discounts on repairs and be able to schedule service calls without a service charge. In addition, the bi-annual inspections that we perform will improve the efficiency of policy holders plumbing system, which will cut down the cost of policy holders monthly utility bills.
  • Prevents Future Breakdowns. As the old saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” By being proactive and taking care of policy holders plumbing system with our maintenance agreement, you can catch small problems before they turn into bigger issues and avoid breakdowns of policy holders plumbing system when you need it the most.
  • Extends the Life of Policy Holder’s Plumbing System. The tasks that we perform during a policy holder’s biannual inspections will ensure that you get the longest life possible out of every component of a plumbing system. This will maximize the investment that you make in water heaters, toilets, faucets, and more.
  • Keeps Policy Holder’s Home Safe. During the bi-annual inspections that are included as part of the maintenance agreement, we’ll check for gas leaks and signs of water damage. This will help ensure the plumbing system is operating safely and your family is protected from potentially expensive and dangerous issues.

Residential Plumbing Maintenance Pricing

All of our Residential Plumbing Maintenance Agreements comes with two type of payment options, a Monthly Payment option and an Annual Payment option, so we can fit every business budget.

  • Our Monthly Payment pricing is $44.95/month for 12 months.
  • Our Annual Payment pricing is a one-time payment of $449.95 for 1 year.
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